Why would I need a consultant?

​Have you hit a plateau in your fundraising and don’t know how to get to the next level? Do you have frequent turnover in your Development Department and need to regroup to secure a committed, long-term team? Are you a small nonprofit ready for development support but without capacity to hire a full time staff member?


My Board doesn’t help with fundraising. How do I get them more involved?

​Training can be very effective. Philanthropy Studio professionals can help you assess your program, create a plan with the input and support of the Board, and help them stay on track. If you have too much to do and don’t have time for the required follow-up, let Philanthropy Studio provide the coaching and mentoring to nudge your Board along.


Our Development Director is struggling. What should we do?

​Did you hire someone who is not trained as a development professional but we think they have lots of potential? One on one, confidential coaching can be very effective with Executive Directors and Development Directors who need guidance and support. Research has shown that one-on-one coaching is highly effective in keeping staff longer and dramatically improving their results.