All it takes is magic pixie dust!  The secret to great fundraising!

Posted on April 01 2014

​April Fool’s!

I have your attention now, don’t I? I wish this was true. I can’t tell you often I have met with either a colleague, prospective client or Executive Director who has asked me to tell them what they need to do to raise more money. I had one of these conversations recently with a very smart, talented and committed woman who started a nonprofit several years ago, because it was her passion and she saw a need. The organization is now at an impasse. She doesn’t have staff and can’t afford to hire anyone, yet she needs to raise more money and she doesn’t have enough time
to do what she needs to do now. She met with me because she wanted to know what to do in order to raise more money. She was kind enough to take me out to lunch for this conversation. I
was thoughtful in my reply over my elegant plate of food which was, “There is no way around it. Fundraising is hard work. If you want to raise more money, you are going to have to work more.”

I wish I could’ve told her that there is a magic pixie dust that I have the secret to obtaining, the key to my success over the last 25 years, and all you have to do is get some and the money will show up. It doesn’t exist. Instead it is mostly science and some art. Following the research ofPenelope Burk, the science is really important and then the art of creating and maintaining relationships and all of the uncertainties that goes with interacting with humans follows.

If you want to raise more money for the organization you work or volunteer for, most of the time there are basic things that nonprofits don’t do or don’t do well however- in order to do these things it takestime. Good fundraising or Development as we call it, takes lots of time. 

Remember that the next time you decide you need to increase your budget or ask your fundraiser to add another event in order to make that budget. Do you have a story where you turned the
fundraising success around at an organization?If so, share it with me. If you are stuck and need help, let me know. 

Better yet, if you do have the pixie dust and you know where to find, please share your source.

Always, Sally

Team Leader
Philanthropy Studio, Inc