Tips to bring home those year-end gifts

Posted on December 04 2014

​Your year-end appeal letter may be out the door but there is more that can be done to bring home those gifts.  Waiting by the door for the postal delivery and refreshing your browser to see if anyone has made an online gift doesn’t count. Try these activities instead.

Use social media- post on Facebook pictures of the person you highlighted in your year-end appeal story (or focus on whatever subject on which you based your appeal). Send out on Twitter a report that supports your call to action and why funds are necessary for your mission. For example, if you provide housing for homeless families, send out a report showing the latest statistics. Show donors why your mission matters and how you are proving solutions to important challenges in your community.

Hijack your website-use a banner on your website that encourages them to give- An example is here  Our House of Portland

In a week or so compare who gave last year to who has or hasn’t given this year. Reach out to them with an offer to get together for holiday cheer and a cup of coffee, a special invite to your holiday open house, or a personal handwritten note for their past support- if they have sent a gift or not.

Start planning your “It is not too late to give email” If you haven’t sent out one email asking them to give,staggered by a week or so after your hard copy hit the post office, then send an email appeal.Next plan a follow up the last few days of the month. A recent report showed that 10% of all giving for the year comes in those last few days. Be in front of your donor and remind them of the importance of giving to your organization.

Don’t forget to have your board ready to make thank you calls.Provide them with a very short script and only ask them to thank the donor-no mention of giving again in the future.This is an unconditional thank you with no strings attached.

What else are you  doing to maximize your year-end giving?  Please share with@PhilStudiopdx.  Happy Holiday and Happy  Philanthropy!



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